I am a quantitative ecologist, ornithologist, and conservation biologist. Most of my work deals with how species and communities respond to global change across very large spatial scales. I leverage large-scale patterns of variation in global-change impacts to illuminate the mechanisms that drive population and community change. And I measure large-scale biodiversity change to bridge the gap between the scale at which ecologists typically collect high-quality community data and the much larger scales across which human activities impact Anthropocene biodiversity.

Grappling with large-scale questions requires innovative approaches to collect and analyze high-quality, taxonomically resolved data over vast areas. I combine cutting-edge statistics and high-performance computing, newly available big data from community-science monitoring, and massive old-school field campaigns to crack some of the trickiest–but most rewarding–problems in applied ecology today.

When I’m not hard at work, I like being with my family and exploring outdoors for interesting birds and other critters. As my daughter grows up, these pursuits are increasingly compatible.